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About this Brand:

Want your hair to be in the best condition it's ever been? Hubalou can help recover damaged hair. It has a unique ability to absorb the water from your hair without causing any damage to the hair shaft, or absorbing too much moisture from your stands.

This is why many girls with curly hair will use a T-shirt instead of a towel to dry their hair. Why? Because the texture is an incredibly gentle way to dry your hair. T-shirts also prevents frizz, breakage, and water absorption from your hair, keeping your texture hydrated and define. Hubalou uses sustainable bamboo fiber, creating a dream like soft texture to snuggle your hair stands in. My hair absolutely loved it, and it is now one of the only ways I dry my hair. 




You hair is weakest when it's wet. And a common mistake many people make when drying their hair is using a towel. Why? Because a towel can worsen split ends and cause craters in your hair shaft, making your hair weak and brittle. Yikes, right? So for someone like me who wants to retain my length while growing out my curls,

it's essential that I prevent breakage as much as possible. 

This is why I have fallen in love with Habulou. Not only is it soft, but it's also light weight and perfect for transitioning hair with many colors to choose from. Another reason why I highly recommend using this product is that it prevents hair loss, defines hair texture, and it can also prevent frizz. 
Want to look and feel stylish? Then you can wear it turban style.
Feeling a little adventures? Go ahead and choose the pirate style.
Took a shower before bed? Not a problem, you can wrap it up in the sleepy style.
And all this for a low price of just $28!


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What do you do to grow your hair?

Love and light to you all.