About The Petite Angel

Hey there! I'm Alexandra, the CEO and Founder of The Petite Angel. A blog born out of passion and drive to help others. My beauty journey lead me to discover the power of holistic practices, and now I'm here to share it with the world.

Growing up I suffered from minor acne. I used to only receive one large cystic pimple on my chin every month. As I got older, my acne became out of control and I desperately turned to every product on the market that aimed to cure acne. After years of wasting money on products that didn't work, dermatologist visits that didn't help me, and painful extraction facials, I finally stumbled on organic beauty.

The results have been life changing. My skin has never been so healthy and radiant, and I'm on a mission to help as many people as I can. Green beauty is not a gimmick. It has been proven to me time and time again on it's power and effectiveness. I want to empower as many people as I can to detox their routine and change their lives. We all deserve to feel beautiful, and with a few changes to your routine, you will get the results you are looking for.

I pride myself on honest beauty reviews. I only promote products and brands that I have personally used on myself and seen results. Welcome to my blog, and I hope the information helps you as much as it helped me.